Hillandale Citizens Association

The Hillandale Citizens Association (HCA) is a community association of almost 1400 families on both sides of New Hampshire Avenue north of the Capital Beltway in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties. The present association includes the neighborhoods of Hillandale Forest, Hillandale, West Hillandale and Burnt Mills Knolls. HCA is dedicated to promoting proactive involvement in our community.

Our Mission

The three major activities of the association are:

  • Support for Public Safety
  • Continual guarding against encroachment due to violation of zoning, environmental protection, or traffic regulations
  • Publication and distribution of up to date information of interest to the community

HCA Information

HCA Constitution and Bylaws 2017

HCA Minutes

General Meeting and Election, October 25, 2023
General Meeting, February 12, 2020
General Meeting, October 19, 2019
Board Meeting, April 24, 2019
General Meeting, March 21, 2019
Board Meeting, February 26, 2019
HCA Town Hall, January 24, 2019
Board Meeting, September 5, 2018
General Meeting, February 1, 2018
General Meeting, September 27, 2017
Board Meeting, August 8, 2017
General Meeting, March 22, 2017
Board Meeting, February 22, 2017
Board Meeting, February 7, 2017
General Meeting, February 1, 2017
Board Meeting, January 12, 2017
General Meeting, November 16, 2016
Board Meeting, October 20, 2016
General Meeting, September 21, 2016
Board Meeting, August 24, 2016

HCA is a member of the Montgomery County Civic Federation. The website is http://www.montgomerycivic.org/.