The Hillandale Bulletin

Mark your calendar: Sunday December 2nd at 4:30 PM for the annual Hillandale tree
lighting and Holiday party at the CHI Centers. Bring a covered dish to share! We will
light the Shaw Memorial tree in front of CHI (see sidebar), sing carols, and enjoy a
"covered dish holiday dinner" - with table decorations from the Cub & Boy Scouts. Plus
music, Sarah Crooke and kids' decorated holiday cookies, and more. Grab a few of your
neighbors and come join us! Special thanks to party organizers Pam Reid and Judith

Elementary Schools: 2-School Approach
Correction from October Bulletin. Cresthaven PTA Pres Leslie Ridgway says the
Facilities Committee continues to support the building of two new, separate schools to
replace overcrowded Cresthaven Elementary. The alternative is to construct one huge
school - a position not favored by the Cresthaven PTA or HCA. Your support is needed:
please tell the County Council and the Board of Ed you support the two-school
approach. To help or for more info, email Leslie Ridgway at
to obtain the email addresses for all the players in local government.

Beautiful Hillandale
The Beautiful Hillandale Halloween Display winners: The Whelan's at 1812 Kimberly
Road, featuring Lawnmower man, spider webs, and a "man" hanging out the upstairs
window; Pam and Eric Carpenter and kids with Naomi Selbst' family at 1605 Overlook
Drive, featuring a lighted Halloween display with a scarecrow on a trailer; Henry & Barb
Thomas at 907 Crest Park Drive, featuring ghosts in trees; Jeff and Beth Elsworth and
kids at 10783 Kinloch Road, featuring unique flying bats on guide wire across the front
of their home; and Lanny Silcott at 1904 Powder Mill Road, featuring a beautiful fall
display…including a decorated manhole cover with flowers, pumpkins and more!
Thanks to all…and our October Judges: Roland Leimbach, Aletha Montague, Eric
Crooke and Betsy Bretz! Remember: November Beautiful Hillandale display theme is
"Fall Gardens." Please call Betsy at 301-439-8655 with nominations. Drive around to
see these homes, and congratulate the winners! Very creative stuff!

Halloween Fun In Hillandale
So many incredibly creative costumes! Hope all parts of our wonderful community had
lots of kids come by for Halloween. We all noticed large groups going around together to
Trick or Treat...with parents at the road with flashlights. Many families even made it a
party…a great idea! Hillandale is a wonderful place to live (item from Betsy Bretz).

County Council Meeting - See Re-Broadcast
The Bulletin will reach many of you too late for you to attend the November 14th County
Council "Town Hall Meeting" for the Hillandale, White Oak, and Four Corners areas at
Key Middle School onWednesday November 14 at 7:30 p.m. However, the meetings are
televised on the County Cable channel and are re-broadcast. Meetings cover such issues
as Class size and school issues; development; pedestrian and public safety; traffic and
road improvements; and other issues and concerns. For more info on the meeting, or for
rebroadcast info, please contact the HCA at our website at

Crime Watch/New Effort Underway
Let's keep Hillandale safe! Two burglary attempts were reported October 8th on
Kimberly Road. One home was broken into; the other was an attempted burglary.
Thieves cut phone and cable lines; fled in mid-heist empty-handed. Any info to assist the
PD? Call Officer Cox at 301/565-7740 (the Silver Spring station). Need emergency
police assistance? Call Montgomery County PD at 301/279-8000. Have a general
question for police? Call 301/565-7740. Remember: report unusual activities to 911
Get to know your neighbors, and welcome new folks to our community. If you go away,
let neighbors know and leave a contact number. Leave lights on using timers, and leave a
radio on, if not home.

Plus: this month is the 20th anniversary of the Hillandale Watch Program! Many of our
District Organizers and Block Captains have moved or retired. A revitalization of the
entire WATCH PROGRAM will be starting in November, with much more info to
follow. To get involved, contact HCA president Mark Gagern at 301/434-8968 or by
email at to pitch in.

Visit Your Hillandale Website!
Check out for the latest on our community…Citizen's Assoc
info…neighborhood history…crime info… and lots more. Website Editor Daria Daniel
is doing a great job! Save as a "favorite" today and stay ay

Reminder: Please Slow Down!
Speed traps are being set up throughout Hillandale. The speed limit in our community is
only 25 mph. The HCA reminds you not to park in your driveway blocking the sidewalk.
This requires people - especially those with disabilities -- to walk around the vehicle and
into the street, which can be very dangerous. Remember: while driving, please keep alert
for walkers, cyclists, joggers and people walking dogs day and night! We have a busy,
active community!

Sidesbar item:


Hillandale has a holiday tradition of lighting the
Evergreen tree at the CHI Centers which goes back to 1950.

The Shaw Memorial Tree was purchased in 1950 with funds
collected by community members for a living tribute to
George H. Shaw, who had been the living definition of the
word "neighbor." George and his wife Helen (1940's-era
residents who built their home on Parkman Road) used to
welcome each new family personally that moved here.

Originally planted at the intersection of New Hampshire
Avenue and Powder Mill Road. following road development,
the tree was moved to the front of the Hillandale Elementary School (now CHI now) in 1958.

This year's Shaw Tree lighting is specially marked by the
recent passing of long-time Hillandale resident Jim Shaw,
son of the tree's honoree, George Shaw.


Here are a few phone numbers to help you keep Hillandale a quality neighborhood.

Montgomery County Services

Silver Spring District Police: 301-565-7740
Abandoned Vehicles (on street): 301-840-2454
Animal control: 301-279-1823
County Road Repair: 240-777-7623
County-owned tree maintenance: 240-777-7623
Housing Code Enforcement: 240-777-3600
Rats: Health and Human Services: 210-777-3986
Trash Removal at Bus Stops: 240-777-5800
Zoning Enforcement: 240-777-6240

Prince George's County Services

General Information and Referral: 301-350-9700
Beltsville District Police: 301-937-0910
Abandoned Vehicles (on street): 301-937-0910
Animal Management: 301-499-8300
County Road Repair: 301-499-8520
County-owned tree maintenance: 301-499-8530
Housing Code Enforcement: 301-883-6100
Zoning Enforcement: 301-883-6130

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