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Hillandale Citizens Association General Meeting
Wednesday January 23 at 7:30 PM, at the Meany Center, the Hillandale Citizens
Association will meet in the auditorium (a.k.a. the Old Chapel) to learn about
the Center and ask questions about the building plans for three new facilities:
a new dormitory, the Kirkland Center, and a food service building to be added to
the campus in an $18 million expansion program. Refreshments will be provided.
The President of the George Meany Center for Labor Studies-National Labor College,
Dr. Susan Schurman, and the project architect will provide the details.

White Oak Golf Course Planning Meeting
On Thursday, January 24, Commission staff and consultants will present to the
Montgomery County Planning Board a preferred concept plan for future improvements
to White Oak Golf Course, located on the site of the Federal Research Center in
White Oak. The meeting will be held in the auditorium at 8787 Georgia Avenue,
Silver Spring; time to be determined. Staff will be seeking Board approval of
the plan and to move forward with a more detailed phase of the planning process.

The public is invited to attend the January 24th Planning Board meeting and
comment on the plan. Individuals unable to attend may submit written comments
to: Arthur Holmes, Jr., Chairman, Montgomery County Planning Board,
8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910, or to FAX 301/495-1320.

For additional information on this meeting, please call Jerry Bush at 301/495-2516.

Fatal Cresthaven Explosion: One Year Later
According to Assistant Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci, investigators believe
that the fire that lead to the explosion started in the basement of the home
and burned without detection to a smoldering stage, accounting for the heavy
soot and high levels on carbon monoxide in the victims. As the house began
to fail structurally fresh air entered the house creating the explosion
known as a backdraft or smoke explosion. Computer models are testing this
theory by Fire Protection Engineers at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms (ATF). Intentional acts, natural gas and the furnace have been
ruled out as causes.

Officials continue to stress the need for homeowners to have and maintain
working smoke detectors outside of sleeping areas, with at least one
detector on each floor of the home.

Crime Watch
An assault occurred on 12/7/2001 in the late afternoon in Northwest Branch.
For details on this crime, call park police at 301/949-3010.

While our community is a safe area, this event underscores the need for
people to be aware at all times of their surroundings. For those
interested in additional information about safety-related programs,
contact Montgomery County PD, or contact Silver Spring police at 301/565-7740.

School Modernization Delayed
County budget short-falls and other modernization issues have resulted
in the Montgomery County Board of Education to reschedule modernization
of Hillandale's local schools. Overcrowing at Cresthaven has become a
critical capacity issue for the county. The Board has recommended that
a new elementary school be built to open in September 2006. Cresthaven's
building will maintain its position on the modernization priority listing,
but its modernization will not happen before 2009. Key Middle School's
modernization has also been pushed back by two years with students going
to the holding school in 2007 and completion tentatively scheduled for
September 2009.


Happy and Healthy 2002!
Beautiful Hillandale Winners Abound!

Beautiful Hillandale winners for December 2001 were everywhere this season.
With more than 40 nominations choosing five winners was very difficult.
The winners were:

First:      1812 Kimberly Road, the Whalen Family, with a patriotic theme.
Second: 10303 Sweetbriar Parkway, the Watson Family, with a stunning
              display of light and color.

Third:   10412 Sweetbriar Parkway, the Williams Family,
             with a beautiful "magic castle."

Fourth: 1301 Chalmers Road, the Hennon Family, with a "festival of colors."
Fifth:   10512 DeNeane Road, the Raymond Family, elegantly decorated with
             wreaths,lights and highlighted spotlights.

Honorable mentions to all the following homes: corner of Powder Mill
and Green Forest; corner of Devere and McGovern; corner of Edgewater Parkway
and DeNeane; the Colonial on Mantz; 907 Devere; and the home mid-block on Brock Drive.

The Beautiful Hillandale Committee thanks everyone for the beautiful display of
lights on every street in our community.

The judges for this month were Gladys Kidwell, Aletha Montague, Roland Leimbach,
Eric Crooke and Betsy Bretz.
Special thanks to Roland for placing the signs,
and to Roberto Ibanez for taking photographs of the homes, which can be viewed
on the HCA website.

Join MIX
With 85 members, MIX president Debbie Lavine invites those interested in becoming
a new member to contact her at 301/434-0095. Since 1988, MIX has offered exciting
programs, including playgroups, Mom's-only bookclubs, family parties, and much more.
Call Debbie to learn how to join!

Meany Center: Please Leash Your Dog
Hillandale neighbors who border the Meany Center property ask dog owners to please
leash their pets in this area, and not to use this area as an open dog park.

Hillandale Highpoints
In case you haven't noticed, the Hillandale wall is back, complete with lettering…
Congrats to the Hillandale Woman's Club on its 50th anniversary…
A good crowd joined together at the December Holiday Party, organized by
Pam Reid and assisted by Betsy Bretz - thanks for a wonderful outing!…
Be sure to visit our community's website at to learn about
other important information, and to view pictures of the December Beautiful Hillandale award winners.

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